Women for Yes on 3: Ayanna Pressley and Sexual Assault Prevention Advocates to Launch “Not in Our Name” Campaign
October 11, 2018

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Women in Massachusetts made their voices heard today. At an event at the YW Boston, a broad coalition of sexual assault prevention and women’s organizations joined with City Councillor Ayanna Pressley to launch the “Not in My Name” campaign—focused on elevating the voices of women and survivors to debunk the scare tactics pushed by opponents of transgender equality. The campaign will aim to directly combat the myth that dignity and safety for our transgender neighbors somehow endangers women and children.

At today’s event, we were proud to announce support from 50 of the states leading sexual assault and domestic violence prevention groups—who have joined the Yes on 3 coalition to uphold MA’s non-discrimination law protecting transgender people in public spaces. We also unveiled our campaign’s latest ad, featuring women across Massachusetts explaining why they’re voting Yes on 3:

City Councillor Ayanna Pressley headlined today’s event, offering a powerful rebuke of the fear-mongering and lies pushed by opponents of transgender equality. “Our destinies, our freedoms are tied,” she said—calling on women across the state to stand with our transgender neighbors by voting Yes on 3 this November:

“As a survivor of sexual assault, I can say with clear conviction that this is simply hate-filled rhetoric – that this law will make it so women and children are less safe. Since this law originally passed in 2016, there has been no increase of public safety incidents in restrooms in our state. That is why you see many organizations here today, standing in solidarity, many organizations who work together for the rights of women and girls, victims of domestic and sexual violence, standing shoulder to shoulder with activists, business leaders, elected officials and faith leaders to uphold these protections. We will not be a political trope or pawn in your hate-mongering and division.”

Debra Robbin, the executive director of Jane Doe Inc, was among the leading sexual assault prevention advocates on hand today to show support for upholding transgender protections. Robbin made clear what she and other advocates have always known to be true: Dignity for transgender people in Massachusetts doesn’t threaten public safety. She cited a recent study out of UCLA confirming exactly that: women’s organizations have long known to be true: Since the passage of MA’s non-discrimination in 2016, there has been ZERO uptick in public safety incidents in Massachusetts.

Opponents of basic protections for transgender people in Massachusetts can no longer hide behind fear and deceit. Thank you to these women—and women across Massachusetts—who are speaking out for a Yes on 3 vote and sending a clear message to our opposition: NOT IN MY NAME!

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