We have our rallying cry: YES on 3!
July 9, 2018

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Vote YES on 3! That’s what voters will need to do on November 6 this year to uphold basic non-discrimination protections for our transgender friends and neighbors, guaranteeing their safety and dignity throughout Massachusetts.

For months, we’ve hammered home to voters that they must vote YES to preserve transgender equality this year. Now, we can tell them exactly what they must vote YES on in the polling booth this year.

We have to spread our new rallying cry fast—at every door and on every call. That means growing our field team, and plastering ‘Vote YES on 3’ on bumper stickers, pledge cards and everywhere else.

Here’s what you can do:

Give $10 to our campaign so we can start promoting Yes on 3.

Sign up for a Yes on 3 volunteer event near you.

Send our Vote Yes on 3 pledge to all of your friends.


Today’s announcement about our ballot number from the Secretary of the Commonwealth comes at a pivotal moment. Just yesterday, we celebrated two years since these protections were signed into law.

Now, the fight to uphold them is about to get even more intense. Opponents of transgender equality have 4 months to spread lie after lie, hoping to scare voters away from voting YES. They’ll make this whole campaign about bathrooms, safety and privacy—but the truth is, there have been no increase in safety concerns in the two years these protections have been in effect.

Our message is simple: Voting YES on 3 means transgender people are welcome in our Commonwealth.

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