WATCH: New Ads Refute Misinformation & Showcase What’s At Stake for Transgender Youth in MA
October 5, 2018

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The Yes on 3 campaign is live with our first ads of the campaign season!

They feature members of our community, including a transgender boy named Ian and his family, and public safety experts like retired Salem Police Chief Paul Tucker and Jane Doe CEO Debra Robbin. Personal stories like these are our best bet for winning over the hearts and minds who might be swayed by opponents’ misinformation. Every single Massachusetts voter needs to hear what they have to say.

Watch these ads now, then share them with your friends: 

The personal plea from Ian and his family to vote Yes on 3 gets to the heart of what Yes on 3 is about: Ensuring that all people, including transgender youth, can live lives that are happy, safe, and free from discrimination. The fact is, many transgender youth face hostility, discrimination and bullying on a daily basis, just because of who they are. Repealing our nondiscrimination protections puts youth like Ian at even greater risk of being targeted for violence and harassment.

That’s not what opponents want voters to hear. They’re pushing scare tactics about restroom safety, even though the public safety experts like those featured in these first ads have debunked these lies over and over. Yes on 3 is pushing back with the truth: We all care about safety—that’s why we have to vote Yes on 3 to protect transgender youth like Ian.


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