Speaker DeLeo Counting Votes on Legislation Fully Protecting Transgender Bay Staters From Discrimination
February 5, 2016

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Late last night, the Statehouse News Service reported that Speaker Robert DeLeo is polling members of the House to count support for our legislation fully protecting transgender Bay Staters from discrimination.

That means in the coming days, YOUR representative will be asked whether or not they support updating our state’s public accommodation law to prohibit gender identity discrimination—and their answer will determine whether or not Speaker DeLeo calls this critical civil rights bill to a vote this year.

Rush a message to Speaker DeLeo and your Representative to tell them: It’s finally time to fully protect transgender people in the Commonwealth! Click here to send an urgent message now.

Here’s the deal: Right now, SB 735/HB 1577 are stalled in the Judiciary Committee. And we already know that Speaker DeLeo and members of the committee will not move it forward unless they are sure the votes are there to pass it and make it law.

If members of the House—including your representative—tell the Speaker they support full transgender protections, this bill will likely advance. And if they don’t? Transgender Bay Staters will continue to be denied explicit protections from discrimination in places like restaurants, hotels and medical offices.

So that’s why your representative NEEDS to hear from you right now. In the coming days, they will have to decide their position on this bill—and they need to know, without a doubt, that the people they represent believe it’s time to fully prohibit gender identity discrimination in Massachusetts.

Contact Speaker DeLeo and your representative before it’s too late. Send a message now telling your representative that you—and a majority of Bay Staters—want them to advance legislation fully protecting transgender people this year.

The amount of grassroots support and pressure we can generate in the next couple of days will determine if we win this year. It’s that simple.

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