Somerville Board of Aldermen Pass Resolution Calling for Full Transgender Non-Discrimination Protections
April 6, 2016

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At a recent meeting, the Somerville Board of Aldermen—the city’s governing body—unanimously passed a resolution calling on Massachusetts lawmakers to pass SB 735/HB1577, legislation updating the state’s public accommodation law to prohibit discrimination against transgender people in spaces like hotels, restaurants and medical offices.

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The text of the resolution reads:

That this Board of Aldermen does hereby support the expansion of Massachusetts non- discrimination laws to include gender identity and, specifically, calling for the passage of Senate Bill 735 and House Bill 1577; which would update the Commonwealth’s public accommodations law to ensure transgender individuals are protected from discrimination in public places.

Unanimous support in Somerville came just one day after the Boston City Council passed a similar resolution (also unanimously) urging lawmakers to pass #TransBillMA. While both Somerville and Boston have comprehensive non-discrimination policies on the books, these local leaders know that the impetus is now on state lawmakers to make these common sense protections law statewide.

Members of the Somerville Board of Alderman add their voices to the growing chorus of local support and momentum for SB 735/HB1577. Last year, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone helped launch Massachusetts Mayors for Freedom, a bipartisan coalition of 12+ mayors endorsing stood alongside 11 other mayors across the state to launch Massachusetts Mayors for Freedom, a coalition committed to passing statewide trans-inclusive public accommodation protections.

We thank members of the Somerville Board of Aldermen for joining leading law enforcement officials, all of New England’s professional sports teams, leading education associations, women’s rights organizations, 300+ businesses and a strong majority of Bay Staters who know that it’s time to make our Commonwealth open for business to everyone—and that must include transgender people.

Help keep the momentum going. CLICK HERE to tell your lawmakers to pass SB 735/HB1577 without delay!

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