Salem City Council Passes Resolution in Support of Transgender Protections Bill
April 29, 2016

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SALEM — On Thursday night, the Salem City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of SB 735/HB 1577, the bill that would ensure explicit protections for all transgender people in the Commonwealth. Salem is the latest city in the state of Massachusetts to endorse the bill, following Easthampton, which endorsed the bill the week prior.
“Mayor Driscoll has shown tremendous leadership on transgender equality by passing a nondiscrimination ordinance in 2014 to protect transgender people, and now by endorsing a bill that would finish the job across the rest of the state,” said Carly Burton, campaign manager of Freedom Massachusetts. “We’ve seen that ensuring transgender protections at the local level has strengthened communities and improved productivity. That’s why a growing number of regions throughout Massachusetts have called for statewide legislation. It’s time for state lawmakers to listen to their cities and constituents and bring the transgender protections bill to a vote.”
Mayor Kim Driscoll passed a local nondiscrimination ordinance in Salem in 2014 that includes protections for transgender residents, but Salem’s residents lack explicit protections when they work and travel in most of the rest of the state. The bill pending in the legislature would ensure explicit statewide protections for transgender people in places like restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and even hospitals.

The transgender protections bill enjoys support from more than 250 businesses, 350 clergy and congregations, leading law enforcement organizations, dozens of women’s groups and advocates against violence and sexual assault, the entire MA congressional delegation, all of New England’s champion sports teams, bipartisan leaders in the House and Senate, and more.


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