MA Senate President Stan Rosenberg: Transgender Rights Are the Next Frontier
July 1, 2015

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Senate President Stanley (1)In the wake of the historic Supreme Court ruling that secured the freedom to marry nationwide, Former Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice, Margaret Marshall, and President of the Massachusetts Senate, Stan Rosenberg sat down for an interview with WGBH News to discuss what’s next in the LGBT movement.

Both Marshall and Rosenberg celebrated the landmark ruling and acknowledged how Massachusetts played a role in the eventual ruling that would make love the law of the land.

“I felt totally elated… because it started here in Massachusetts,” said Rosenberg.

Both acknowledged however that while this was an incredible victory, there are still a number of hurdles facing the LGBT community that need to be addressed.

Stating that transgender rights are “the next frontier here in Massachusetts,” Rosenberg summarized the crux of the issue:

“Transgender people can be not denied a job but they can be denied the right to be served in a restaurant.”

Marshall sounded confident that Massachusetts would soon pass a bill to update our state’s non-discrimination law—and we agree. That’s why we launched this campaign last week with one central goal: pass legislation updating Massachusetts’s non-discrimination law to prohibit discrimination against transgender Bay Staters in public accommodations.

Last week’s victory was a pivotal moment for our movement. But the work is far from over. Now, let’s harness this momentum and ensure that transgender people are fully protected from discrimination once and for all.

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