New York Becomes 18th State with Full Transgender Protections, Adding Urgency to Massachusetts’ Non-Discrimination Legislation
October 23, 2015

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Last night, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order to extend non-discrimination protections to transgender people across the state. This move makes New York the 18th state with fully inclusive protections.

With legislation sitting in committee, Massachusetts is staged to become the 19th state on that list. And as our western neighbor makes strides toward full transgender inclusion, there is renewed sense of urgency to pass a fully inclusive transgender non-discrimination law before year’s end.

As legislators consider their vote, Freedom Massachusetts co-chair, Kasey Suffredini, urges quick action:

Massachusetts must keep pace as the rest of the country moves forward on ensuring that our communities are free of discrimination. Our state has a strong history of advancing important civil rights issues in a bipartisan manner, including LGBT concerns, because fairness is a value that unites Bay Staters across age, geography, and ideology. We urge our legislature and Governor to work together swiftly and decisively this year to ensure a level playing field across our Commonwealth.

Thirteen municipalities across the state already have local fully inclusive non-discrimination ordinances on the books. If passed, SB 735 and HB 1577 would make full transgender equality the law of the land.

The proposed legislation already has resounding business and public support as witnessed at the committee hearing held earlier this month. But if legislators don’t call a vote before the holidays next month, a 2015 decision may never come.

Urge your legislators to take quick action on SB 735 and HB 1577 to ensure transgender Bay Staters win full protections in 2015. Click here.

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