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On Election Day, Massachusetts voters will be the first state to face a statewide popular vote on protections for transgender people from discrimination. Hear from Bay-Staters who are voting YES on Question 3 to uphold dignity and respect for our neighbors:

“I'm really proud to live in Massachusetts where transgender people are protected. If these protections go away, transgender people won't be able to go about their daily lives just like everyone else. I want both my kids to be protected from discrimination.”

Tricia, Mother of transgender son

“On November 6th, the protections that keep me safe every single day in public spaces could disappear. We can’t let that happen to kids like me and so many others in Massachusetts. Transgender people in Massachusetts should have the same basic protections under the law as everyone else.”

Nicole Talbot, Transgender teen

“Every parent just wants their child to blossom and be able to live fully, and not having him be protected would make me fear for his safety on a daily basis. This is not a choice, it’s who he is. It’s not a decision that he made, it is a deep part of his identity, and he deserves to live with authenticity.”

Lauren, mother of transgender son

“Jane Doe Inc. fully supports the existing state’s transgender non-discrimination law because no one in our communities becomes less safe by laws protecting transgender people from discrimination. This law ensures we can all live our lives with privacy and dignity. Massachusetts, vote YES on 3!”

Debra Robbin, Executive Director, Jane Doe Inc.

“We've had this bill in place for two years. There’s no incidents where this law was used for any criminal activity. Question Three simply adds protections to transgender folks. What Question 3 does not do is take away from those laws that we have in place now.”

Paul Tucker, retired Salem police chief

Our Coalition

Massachusetts law enforcement and leading sexual assault, domestic violence and women’s organizations have joined together to make it clear: Ensuring vital protections for transgender people does not diminish safety for others.

“Study finds no link between transgender rights law and bathroom crimes”

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