It’s Time To Ensure Transgender Bay Staters are Fully Protected from Discrimination
June 23, 2015

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launchfbThere’s no place for discrimination in Massachusetts.

That’s why today, a broad coalition of organizations is proud to stand alongside our allies and leading businesses across the state to launch Freedom Massachusetts—the bipartisan campaign to ensure transgender Bay Staters are treated equally under the law.

Right now in Massachusetts, it’s legal for a transgender person to be turned away from a hotel or denied service at a restaurant simply because of who they are. Each and every day, hardworking transgender people in our state experience discrimination in public spaces.

Today, we launch the campaign to change that—by passing legislation this year to update Massachusetts’ non-discrimination law to protect transgender people from discrimination in public spaces under our state’s public accommodation law.

If you’re ready to ensure transgender Bay Staters are fully protected from discrimination, click here to sign Freedom Massachusetts’ petition now, then share with your friends.

In 2011, a broad coalition stood together to secure critical protections for transgender people in employment, housing, education and credit. Though it was a historic step forward, we know it’s not enough.

And leading businesses in Massachusetts agree. Harvard Pilgrim, Google and Eastern Bank are all proud to be founding endorsers of our campaign because they know that our state and economy are stronger when everyone is free to participate in their communities without fear of hurtful discrimination.

Discrimination isn’t a Massachusetts value. And now, as we launch this campaign, we can ensure that the laws of our state at long last reflect the values of our people.

So let’s do this. Click here to sign Freedom Massachusetts petition if you want MA lawmakers to pass legislation this year fully protecting transgender people from discrimination

Thanks for being a part of this campaign from the start.

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