Join Us for Our Next Yes on 3 Weekend of Action on August 18 & 19
August 6, 2018

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Our second Yes on 3 Weekend of Action is August 18 and 19. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and talk to voters?

Our first Weekend of Action last month was a huge success. Hundreds of volunteers knocked thousands of doors across the state, spreading the word that Massachusetts will need to say Yes on 3 at the voting booth this year.

But that was just a start. We need to do that every month—and every single weekend as we get closer to November 6. Our goal for August: Recruit 250+ volunteers in Boston, Worcester, Holyoke and other cities to have those conversations with voters.

Whether or not Massachusetts votes Yes on 3 this year to uphold nondiscrimination protections for our transgender friends and neighbors will come down to how many voters our volunteers are able to reach before our opposition does.

Our opponents are making this whole race about one thing: Fear. Every time they talk to a voter, it’s to spread the lie that protecting transgender people from discrimination threatens our safety. That’s blatantly false: Since the law passed in 2016, there has been no increase in public safety incidents.

Voters need to hear the truth from us first, before they hear the lies from our opposition. Help us do that next weekend.

Get us to our goal and help us spread the truth to voters. Join our Weekend of Action from 10AM-3PM on Saturday, August 18 or Sunday, August 19.

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