Homegrown, Grassroots Momentum: First Financial Filing Demonstrates Strength of Yes on 3 Campaign
September 13, 2018

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We just submitted our first financial report of the campaign—and the evidence is clear: The people of Massachusetts are energized and ready to do whatever it takes to get out the Yes on 3 vote this November to uphold dignity and respect for our transgender neighbors!

The financial disclosure report filed with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance that shows that our campaign to uphold transgender rights has raised more than $2 million in the last two years, and currently has close to $1 million on hand.

And most impressive? Our campaign is funded by thousands of grassroots donors—from every region of our Commonwealth:

  • 91% of contributions to the Yes on 3 campaign came from donors inside Massachusetts.
  • Since the beginning of 2018 the Yes on 3 campaign has raised more than $1.8 million dollars from more than 3,000 donors. The campaign overall has raised more than $2.1 million since 2017.

“The Yes on 3 campaign has made great progress in raising the necessary funds to ensure voters know the truth about Question 3 and know why it’s so important for Massachusetts to vote yes on November 6,” said Kasey Suffredini, Yes on 3 Campaign Co-Chair. “However, we also know we have more to raise and that we can not take our success for granted. Historically, anti-transgender activists wait as long as possible before last-minute funds are provided to pay for misleading TV ads meant to scare voters. We must be fully resourced to promote the truth about what this law really does until the very last votes are cast.”

Yes on 3’s top donor, Seth Klarman, CEO of the Baupost Group, a Boston-based investment management group, has donated $200,000 to the campaign to uphold the transgender protections law. Other top donors since 2017 include well-known corporations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts ($100,000), MassMutual ($50,000), Eastern Bank ($50,000), and Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare ($50,000), showcasing the wide breadth of support for voting yes on 3. More than 1,500 influencers and organizations have already endorsed voting yes on 3 across Massachusetts to date.

Our opponents on the other hand? Nowhere near as impressive. Opponents to transgender equality reported having just more than $26,000 on hand, up from less than $10 last year. Its largest donors include people who have previously supported the Family Research Council Political Action Committee (PAC), an entity identified in 2010 as a “hate group”, as well as other PACs that have long targeted anti-LGTBQ campaigns

But under no circumstances can that be justification for complacency. In similar campaigns, anti-transgender forces have held off until the final weeks of the campaign—when they’ve ushered in millions of dollars of last-minute donations that equip them to run a statewide, anti-transgender media blitz. Don’t be fooled: Our opponents are determined as ever to rollback transgender protections in Massachusetts.

And while our initial numbers are strong, they’re nowhere near enough to carry us to victory on November 6th. If we’re going to pass Question 3 and safeguard basic protections for transgender people in Massachusetts, we need every fair-minded person across our state to pitch in, sign up to volunteer and help us spread the word that a Yes vote on Question 3 is a vote to defend transgender equality!

You can help keep the momentum going today:

  1. Make a donation: Every dollar will fuel our statewide grassroots campaign to make the case for transgender protections.
  2. Rally with us in Boston: This Sunday at 10am, hundreds will join together for our Yes on 3 campaign rally in Copley Square! Be there—and invite your friends.
  3. Sign up for a volunteer shift: We’re organizing for transgender equality seven days a week—with phone banks and canvasses in every region of the state! Sign up for a shift near you and help get out the Yes on 3 vote and grow this campaign in your community!

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