Historic Vote in Alaska Creates Momentum As Massachusetts Prepares for Next Battle in Transgender Rights
April 7, 2018

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Last night’s vote in Anchorage is the first in America to uphold transgender rights at the ballot; Seen as a major test for Mass vote

BOSTON – The effort to uphold Massachusetts’ transgender nondiscrimination law at the ballot this November got a major boost from Anchorage, Alaska Friday night. Residents of Anchorage voted to uphold the city’s transgender nondiscrimination ordinance, making it the first American jurisdiction to uphold transgender protections on a standalone ballot measure.

Massachusetts voters will be the first in the nation to vote state-wide on a similar ballot question this November to uphold the state’s transgender nondiscrimination law. The Anchorage measure won with 52.7% of the vote.

“If it is possible to win in Anchorage – which voted down adding LGBTQ protections to its municipal law just a few years ago – it is also possible to win here in Massachusetts,” said Kasey Suffredini, Freedom for All Massachusetts Campaign Co-Chair. “In spite of this historic win in Anchorage, we know we can’t take anything for granted here. Opponents of transgender rights are seeking to use a victory in Massachusetts as a turning point so that they can gain traction to roll back protections across America. We can’t let that happen.”

Massachusetts is one of 18 states and more than 250 cities across America with established nondiscrimination protections in public places for transgender people.

In 2016, Massachusetts updated its nondiscrimination law to include explicit protections for transgender people in public places. The law was endorsed and signed by Governor Charlie Baker in July 2016, and it went into effect on October 1, 2016. Opponents of the law have since submitted the low threshold of signatures necessary to force the repeal question onto the November 2018 ballot.


 Freedom for All Massachusetts (FFAM) is the bipartisan campaign fighting to uphold the state’s transgender nondiscrimination protections law at the ballot this November. FFAM is supported by the state’s leading law enforcement associations, 16 statewide women’s and victim’s advocacy groups, more than 250 businesses, 350 clergy and congregations, 11 labor unions representing more than 750,000 families, every major professional sports team in New England, the entire MA congressional delegation, the state attorney general, and bipartisan leadership in the House and Senate.  

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