Help Us Prepare for the Post-Labor Day, 63-Day Sprint to November 6th: Give Now.
August 27, 2018

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After Labor Day, our campaign will be a 63-day sprint to Nov. 6.

We’ll need to reach thousands of voters every day, because after Labor Day our opponents will roll out their paid smear campaign. They’ll make Question 3 all about safety and restrooms, but we’re ready.

Shooting just wrapped on our very first TV ad—the main way we’ll fight these disgusting smears. But we still have to get this ad on the air, and to do that, we have to meet this month’s grassroots fundraising goal.

That’s $50,000—and we’re still $15,000 short. Help our campaign show its strength and get our ad on the air: Give $15 before Sept. 2.

That’s what’s making meeting this goal even more crucial: Our very first public financial disclosure, our biggest opportunity yet to show our opponents, supporters and the entire Commonwealth that this campaign is strong.

If we fall short, that gives our opponents a chance to paint our campaign as weak and blanket the airwaves—and cyberspace—with lies that we can’t fight.

We can’t let that happen. Basic dignity and respect for transgender people is on the line, in one of the most important elections ever for LGBT protections.

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