Governor Baker: It’s Time to End the Silence. Meet With Transgender People to Hear Why #TransBillMA Matters!
April 14, 2016

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By Mason Dunn, Campaign Co-Chair

I’m a little frustrated.

Why? Because last night, Governor Charlie Baker spoke at an LGBT networking event in Boston—an event that would’ve been the perfect opportunity for him to finally break his year-long silence on legislation fully protecting transgender Bay Staters.

Instead of addressing this pressing issue head-on, he just peddled the same, tired talking points: I will make sure I talk to all parties involved before we make any decision on the issue.

The issue?! Governor Baker, as a transgender person who has proudly called Massachusetts home for 10 years, I’m not an “issue.” And ensuring that I am protected from discrimination in public spaces certainly isn’t an issue—it’s my life.

But if like he said last night, the Governor truly wants to hear the stories of transgender people, then let’s let him know—we’ve been here, we’re still here and we’re ready to meet with him at any time to share why #TransBillMA matters.

Tell Governor Baker: The silence is deafening. Send a message telling the Governor that if he wants to truly hear from people impacted by this bill, it’s time to meet face-to-face with transgender people in Massachusetts who fear discrimination each and every day.

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Let me paint a picture for you. In his speech last night, Governor Baker—while refusing to affirm support for full transgender protections—said he wants to continue hearing the stories of people who support this legislation.

Here’s the thing though: There were HUNDREDS of people in the room last night who were more than willing to share their deeply personal stories of why #TransBillMA matters to them, including me.

But instead, the Governor ducked out the back door immediately after his speech—refusing to hear directly from the real people who suffer at the expense of his silence.

If Governor Baker wants to “talk to all sides” of this legislation, then here’s his chance. Don’t sneak out the back door, Governor. Don’t ignore the stories of people who are suffering. Meet with transgender people and hear their stories—and hear why #TransBillMA matters.

Send a message right now asking that Governor Baker meet with transgender people and listen to our stories of why we need him to support full non-discrimination protections.

We aren’t issues. We’re people. And we will not stop until the Governor hears directly how his silence hurts us.

Mason Dunn

Campaign Co-Chair

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