Freedom Massachusetts statement on transgender law qualifying for 2018 ballot measure
October 11, 2016

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Thursday, October 11, 2016

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Freedom Massachusetts statement on transgender law qualifying for 2018 ballot measure
Faith leaders and advocates to host press conference Thursday, October 13, 10:30am to discuss next steps

BOSTON — Today the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, William F. Galvin, confirmed that opponents of the transgender protections law in Massachusetts have collected enough signatures to bring the law to a 2018 ballot measure. The news follows a lawsuit filed today by the Alliance Defending Freedom, alleging that Massachusetts’ transgender protections law infringes on protections for churches and people of faith, and seeking to create an unprecedented special exemption from the law, above and beyond the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion for all Americans. Massachusetts’ nondiscrimination law was updated this year to include transgender people in public places and took effect October 1.

Kasey Suffredini and Mason Dunn, co-chairs of Freedom Massachusetts, the successful bipartisan campaign to pass the law, released the following statement:

“Legislators updated our Commonwealth’s civil rights law this year to legally protect transgender people from discrimination with the overwhelming support of thousands of businesses, faith leaders, women’s advocacy and anti-violence groups, and fair-minded residents across the state. It takes less than 1% of the Commonwealth’s population to force this commonsense update of our state law to the ballot in 2018. The people of the Commonwealth have a deep and long history of promoting fairness and inclusion. When presented with the question of whether to continue to treat transgender people as equal members of the Commonwealth in 2018, they will vote yes.”

Faith leaders will stand alongside Freedom Massachusetts in hosting a press conference at King’s Chapel on Thursday, October 13 at 10:30am to officially respond, discuss next steps, and reiterate the broad range of support for the law. Details below:

WHO: Faith leaders, women’s and anti-violence advocates, families, business owners, and supporters of transgender people in Massachusetts
WHAT: Press conference to discuss next steps for upholding transgender protections law and preserving the prohibition on discrimination against transgender people in public places and government buildings such as libraries, stores, restaurants and hospitals
WHERE: King’s Chapel, 58 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108
WHEN: Thursday, October 13, 10:30am EST

More than 350 faith leaders, churches, and congregations announced support for the transgender protections law over the past year. For a full list of these clergy and churches, visit In April, more than 300 of these clergy and over 50 congregations participated in a Faith Weekend of Action in support of the transgender protections law, stating:

“We believe in treating others the way we’d like to be treated. … We should all be treated equally under the law. As Faith Leaders we are called to take a stand for those who face discrimination to repudiate acts of prejudice. The [transgender protections law] extends basic civil rights to those who too often live in fear of harm.”


Freedom Massachusetts is the bipartisan campaign working to ensure all people are treated fairly and equally under the law.

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