Freedom Massachusetts Statement on Justice Department Legal Action Against Anti-Transgender Law in North Carolina
May 9, 2016

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BOSTON — Freedom Massachusetts, the bipartisan coalition advocating for legislation to protect transgender people from discrimination, today responded to the action taken by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch against North Carolina. The civil rights lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) comes as a response to HB2, the law banning transgender people from public restrooms. In announcing the lawsuit, Attorney General Lynch referred to HB 2 as “state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals.”

The news comes as the Massachusetts Senate prepares for a vote this week on SB 735, which would ensure explicit protections for transgender people in public places, including restrooms.

“It’s clear that the anti-transgender law passed in North Carolina is taking a heavy toll on the state and its economy,” said Kasey Suffredini, campaign co-chair of Freedom Massachusetts. “Governor McCrory’s refusal to undo this harmful law is causing damage to North Carolina’s national reputation and ability to do business. We are so grateful that Massachusetts is making progress on its own transgender protections bill after nearly ten years on Beacon Hill. We are encouraged by indications that legislators here will do the right thing, avoiding the mistakes made in North Carolina.”

A Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released on Saturday found that Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly support statewide protections for transgender people in public places, by a 23-point margin.

This Thursday, May 12, the transgender protections bill will be brought to a debate and vote in the Massachusetts Senate.

Freedom Massachusetts is the bipartisan campaign working to ensure all people are treated fairly and equally under the law.

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