BREAKING: Transgender Non-Discrimination Legislation Finalized; Votes Imminent
July 6, 2016

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Moments ago, a conference committee of Massachusetts lawmakers advanced the final version of #TransBillMA (S2407). Next, the legislation will hit the House floor as soon as tomorrow for a last procedural vote. With the Senate vote expected soon thereafter, this legislation could hit Governor Charlie Baker’s desk as soon as next week.


Under the conference committee’s final bill, S2407, transgender non-discrimination protections would go into full effect on October 1, 2016—three months earlier than under previous iterations of the legislation. This is a huge win in the final stages of the legislative process.

Our own campaign co-chair, Kasey Suffredini, lauded the committee members for their speedy reconciliation and release of a bill that aims to more immediately address issues of discrimination facing transgender residents: “We are tremendously grateful to members of the conference committee who successfully worked together to report out a strong bill that addresses all questions posed by our campaign and which puts the law into effect more immediately, so that transgender people will not have to wait until next year to be ensured protections.”

Now, Massachusetts is poised to become the 18th state to fully and equally protect transgender people in public places. With state law already prohibiting discrimination against transgender people in housing and employment, the public accommodations bill will round out state law for comprehensive protections for ALL Bay Staters.

Rush a message to state lawmakers now urging a swift vote to send #TransBillMA to Governor Charlie Baker for his signature.

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