COMMITTED: Gov. Baker Says “Yeah, I Would Sign It” If the House Passes #TransBillMA Tomorrow
May 31, 2016

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Governor Charlie Baker said today he would sign the version of #TransBillMA that’s scheduled for a vote tomorrow in the House.

His comments came during an interview with The Boston Globe. Governor Baker said his position has always been to support non-discrimination, and that his decision to support the current version of #TransBillMA came after months of listening to constituents:

“We’ve certainly listened to a variety of points of view from many sides and have said, from the beginning, that we don’t want people to be discriminated against. If the House bill were to pass in its current form, yeah, I would sign it.

Governor Baker’s commitment to sign specific legislation prohibiting discrimination against transgender Bay Staters in public accommodations comes after months of evolution on the issue. When the current version of #TransBillMA began garnering serious consideration in the legislature in February, Governor Baker initially played coy. After he refused to take a position on the bill during an LGBT business event, proponents ratcheted up the pressure on him to declare his support, which he did a few days later, also in the pages of The Boston Globe.


Freedom Massachusetts Campaign Manager Carly Burton said the Governor’s statement is a shining example of bipartisan commitment to LGBT non-discrimination.

“We are thrilled to hear of the Governor’s support for this critical piece of legislation. His statement underscores that this is not a partisan issue. Governor Baker promised to listen to all sides and has shown that the efforts of transgender people and their allies to share their stories has made a real difference. Tomorrow, lawmakers in the House will vote, and we expect soon all transgender people living and visiting Massachusetts will have full and explicit protections under the law.”

Now that Governor Baker’s support is assured, tomorrow’s House vote remains as the bill’s sole impediment to becoming law. Lawmakers, their constituents and other groups have shown robust support for #TransBillMA, but its passage through the House is not certain.

Freedom Massachusetts would like to invite everyone to message your representative and urge them to vote YES tomorrow.

We’ll also be meeting at the Statehouse tomorrow at 11 to lobby legislators and celebrate this momentous occasion.

You can RSVP for that meeting by clicking here.

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