MA Colleges to Governor Baker: Protect transgender Bay Staters from discrimination
July 24, 2015

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SchoolsTwo universities in Massachusetts have released letters to Governor Baker supporting a trans-inclusive public accommodation law.

Simmons College and Mt. Holyoke College both called on the Governor to do the right thing and ensure that transgender people cannot be discriminated against in public spaces.

(CLICK HERE to read the letter from Simmons College. And CLICK HERE to read the leader from Mt. Holyoke)

Drawing on the history of Simmons College as a women’s college, College President Helen Dirnan wrote, “Simmons is one of six women’s college’s in the nation that has opened its doors to transgender women… As an institution, Simmons is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and dignity of all of our community members. These same protections should be in place once they step off our campus grounds.”

Mt. Holyoke College, another women’s college in Massachusetts, urged the Governor to update Massachusetts public accommodation law, citing the fact that of the six women’s colleges who have opened their doors to trans women, four are in the Bay State. Then, the letter called on the Governor to do as seventeen states and the District of Columbia have already done, and update our state’s public accommodation law to ensure transgender people cannot face discrimination in public spaces.

The letter reads, “I hope that the Commonwealth will put itself alongside those who work to protect equal treatment of transgender citizens in all public accommodations.”

It is our hope that the Governor takes into consideration the urging of these two universities who have already done so much to welcome transgender students, and that more universities will continue to speak out in support of this critical law.

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