Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Announces Support for Transgender Rights
September 14, 2015

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TY (5)Our coalition to pass legislation fully protecting transgender Bay Staters from discrimination continues to grow: Today, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce announced its support for legislation updating Massachusetts’ public accommodations law to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The Chamber—which connects more than 1,500 businesses of all sizes and industries in the Boston region—joins more than 90 organizations that have voiced support for this legislation, including major institutions like Google, Harvard Pilgrim, Eastern Bank, YWCA Boston and Massachusetts Hospital Association.

In announcing the Chamber’s support for the legislation, President & CEO James E. Rooney said:

“Fairness and equality are essential to good business in Massachusetts. As an association with a wide-range of business members, we can’t emphasize enough how vital it is to our state’s business climate and economy that we support inclusivity and provide clear legal protections for all.”

Our campaign co-chair Mason Dunn thanked the Chamber for supporting full transgender equality and called on lawmakers to stand with leading businesses and a majority of voters by passing this critical bill this year:

“The support of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and these other organizations is not only a substantial boost to our campaign, but also sends a clear message that discrimination in any form goes against the broader public interest. We’re deeply thankful for this groundswell of support and look forward to working with the Legislature and the Governor in passing this bill.”

The Chamber’s endorsement is just the latest sign of unprecedented momentum for our campaign. Just last week, 12 Mayors joined together to call on lawmakers to update our state’s public accommodation law to protect transgender people from discrimination.

CLICK HERE to urge your lawmakers to end gender identity discrimination in Massachusetts.

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