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Advocates rally to support transgender law
Published by The Boston Globe October 13, 2016
Transgender anti-discrimination law advocates launch campaign against repeal effort
Published by MassLive October 13, 2016
How must businesses comply with transgender anti-discrimination law?
Published by MassLive September 2, 2016
Transgender Law Celebrated
Published by The Boston Herald July 12, 2016
Hugs and high-fives for transgender bill
Published by The Boston Globe July 11, 2016
Massachusetts Gov. Signs Transgender Public Accommodations Bill
Published by The Advocate July 10, 2016
The lives that helped shape the Mass. transgender law
Published by The Boston Globe July 9, 2016
Mass. Governor Charlie Baker Signs Transgender Rights Bill Into Law
Published by CBS Boston July 8, 2016
Baker signs transgender public accommodations bill
Published by Worcester Telegram July 8, 2016
Lawmakers reach deal on transgender bill
Published by The Boston Globe July 6, 2016
Agreement reached on Massachusetts transgender rights bill
Published by July 6, 2016
What they said about transgender bill
Published by The Sun Chronicle June 5, 2016
Massachusetts Looks to Expand Antidiscrimination Law to Include Gender Identity
Published by The Wall Street Journal June 4, 2016
Supports for transgender employees inspires loyalty
Published by Boston Globe June 3, 2016
Massachusetts Passes Transgender Protection Bill
Published by Inquisitr June 2, 2016
Massachusetts House approves transgender rights bill
Published by WCVB June 2, 2016
Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Transgender Rights Bill – WATCH
Published by Towleroad June 1, 2016
UPDATED: Massachusetts House Passes Transgender Public Accommodations Bill, Twitter Reactions
Published by The Rainbow Times June 1, 2016
Charlie Baker announces support for House transgender bill
Published by Boston Herald June 1, 2016
House passes transgender bill after Baker pledges to sign [VIDEO]
Published by FOX Boston June 1, 2016
Massachusetts House Overwhelmingly Passes Transgender Rights Bill
Published by CBS Boston June 1, 2016

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