Boston Globe: Pass Full Transgender Discrimination Protections
February 8, 2016

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Today, in its second editorial in a little more than  year, the Boston Globe’s Editorial Board urged lawmakers in the Bay State to pass civil rights protections for transgender people once and for all. The Globe’s editorial, which you can read in full here, comes as Speaker Robert DeLeo has begun polling lawmakers to ensure a veto-proof level of support.

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The Globe wrote:

“The bill would ban discrimination against transgender people in parks, restaurants, libraries, and other public accommodations. It also affirms their right to use public restrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms that align with their gender identity. It follows the successful passage of a 2011 law that prevents transgender discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public education. Under current law, an employer can not discriminate against a transgender person in hiring, but that same establishment could deny service, or access to a bathroom.”

“As gays and lesbians have gained more rights, so, too, has the transgender community benefited. But in Massachusetts, a basic consideration has been left behind and deserves a speedy resolution.” 

Freedom Massachusetts Campaign Manager, Carly Burton, celebrated the editorial, saying, “Today’s editorial demonstrates once again that this legislation is necessary to protect transgender men and women across Massachusetts from discrimination,” said Carly Burton, Freedom Massachusetts Campaign Manager. “As the editorial correctly points out, it is the transgender community that is at risk. Transgender people deserve the same basic protections that everyone else in our state enjoys.”

This powerful editorial couldn’t come at a more important time, as each member of the Massachusetts House will soon decide whether or not they support #TransBillMA—and their response will determine if this bill, which is now stalled in the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, will advance to a vote and become law.

CLICK HERE to tell your lawmakers and Speaker DeLeo: The time has come to fully protect transgender people across the Commonwealth!


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