Boston City Council Joins Growing Chorus of Municipalities Endorsing Yes on 3 Vote
September 19, 2018

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Today, members of the Boston City Council voted overwhelmingly to endorse a Yes on 3 vote to uphold basic protections for transgender people at the ballot box this November.

The resolution, introduced by Councilmember Matt O’Malley urges voters across the state to support Question 3 and make Massachusetts the first state in the country to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box.

Boston joins a growing number of cities that have passed resolutions. On Monday, the Somerville Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to endorse a Yes on 3 vote, just days after the Melrose Board of Aldermen did the same. Earlier this year, local lawmakers in Arlington acted early to publicly support the measure. Other city councils across the state are expected to take up the issue in the coming days and weeks, including a scheduled vote in Cambridge as soon as next week.

This isn’t the first time the Boston City Council has taken a stand for transgender equality. In March 2016, the Council unanimously passed a resolution urging state lawmakers to pass a non-discrimination law protecting transgender people in public spaces—the very law that is under threat at the ballot box this November. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has also long been a supporter of the law, heading up a coalition of mayors across the state who support a Yes vote on Question 3.

And the ringing endorsement from Boston leaders is particularly striking, considering that Boston has had similar protections for transgender people on the books for the past 16 years. And while opponents of transgender freedom claim that these protections are somehow a threat to public safety, Boston can attest that their arguments couldn’t be further from the truth: There has been NO uptick in public safety concerns in Boston—or statewide—as a result of protecting our transgender neighbors from discrimination. Dignity and respect for transgender people in Massachusetts are not threats to public safety.

In communities across the state, the local momentum for Question 3 is palpable—and growing every day. We thank local elected leaders who have taken a firm stand in support of upholding critical protections for the transgender people who call Massachusetts home.

You can help keep the momentum going this weekend! Join our Weekend of Action—in Boston, Holyoke, Worcester or phone bank remotely from home—and help us reach thousands of voters to talk about the importance of voting Yes on 3 to uphold transgender protections!



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